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The Reminiscing of Dr. Romi: Reflections of 2021

To think we’re near the end of 2021, and 20 months into the pandemic. I remember coming into 2020 thinking it’ll be the year that would propel me further into my career and passion as a newly licensed naturopathic physician. And despite the advent of the pandemic in March 2020, it brought me to a realization that it is all based on our attitude that contributes to our aptitude.

I wrote a post describing how 2020 was my best year yet. 2021 did not fail to make even more opportunities for me as I made big strides personally, professionally, mentally, and emotionally.

Being deep into 2021, and expecting the 2nd and 3rd waves of COVID-19 to hit, many days were not without uncertainties. But by the time 2021 started, there was some form of routine that brought back a bit of normalcy to our daily living. I continued practicing and with each patient, I gained more of a voice and vision as to what I really wanted to be doing. And by the end of the year, so many opportunities came up that I couldn’t decline to do.

I leave 2021 with the notion that I am always surprised by the opportunities that come and am grateful for each and every one of them.

Who knew that 3 years into practice that I’d see the practice I envisioned upon starting? I’ve built a practice from literally just renting space of a chiropractic clinic with no expectations of having anything else be done for me (besides phone calls outside my hours! Thanks Seema!). I’ve done my own marketing and social media, shared my authentic voice to thousands of people through webinars and health talks (virtually at this time!), and focused on the optimal care of my patients that have gotten communities talking about me and my brand. Who knew I’d be sitting now more comfortable than I was when I first started off.

Who knew 1 year after starting my role as a supervisor at the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic @BoucherClinic), the student clinic of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine – Boucher Campus (@BoucherInstitute and @myccnm), mainly covering shifts for other clinic supervisors, that I’d be having a shift where student clinicians get to select their options of being under me? Crazy. This past fall term I had 2 shifts that I got to say was a first for me as a full supervisor (and also a first for the majority of the students being primary interns). It was an opportunity that I now hold dear to my heart. I learned so much from the students (especially naturopathic manipulations and orthopedic testing!) but also more about how I can best deliver and engage students in their own personalized learning. The interns I had were very inspirational in that I end this term more motivated and more confident in my ability to teach, which relates to my ability to treat in practice.

Who knew that after 1 year as a supervisor, that I’d be even considered to teach in academics? I thought I’d give it a try in at least meeting the human resources and leadership team at Boucher and applying for an interview. I have now taught 2 courses of Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM), and am being considered to teach 4 more courses in the Winter 2022 term. Teaching the 1st and 2nd-year naturopathic students has been an absolute joy. It tested me beyond the limits of what I thought I knew about TCM, and further developed and solidified my understanding and interest in TCM. It was an amazing opportunity to see, develop, and solidify a teaching style that I can confidently share and engage students. I leave this term with greater profound respect for my mentors, supervisors, and professors, and can’t wait to be teaching more in Winter 2022.

Who knew that I’d be not only accepted to a Ph.D. program offered by Queen's University (@queensuniversity) but have been deemed a pass in my Ph.D. comprehensive exams in August, allowing me to call myself a Ph.D. candidate and start on my dissertation proposal? Though this is currently slowed down, I needed the time to think fully about how I want to approach this. I hope to share more (with my colleagues @phdwiththanu and @alexandra.nicole.jackson) as I dive deep into my own research in deprescribing guidelines in health practitioners. Who also knew that I’d be TA-ing core courses at the graduate level of the Aging and Health program? Mindblown.

Who knew that I’d be delivering webinars to Cyto-Matrix (@cytomatrix) on topics relating to dementia? And be doing over 30 webinars to the Richmond Public Library (@rplbc) and the Canadian Association for Resources in Education & Impact in Self Care (@CAREisCanada)? Who knew I'd be having a fun chat and IG live with Alive Health (@alivehealthctr) about dementia? I am grateful for them considering me for their delivery in health topics and my passion for medicine.

Who knew I’d be nominated and considered as a finalist for being the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and attend the Business Excellence Awards? Who knew I’d be considered to be one of the Top 3 Naturopathic Clinics by ThreeBestRated, or First Place Naturopath by Best of Richmond this year? I seriously cannot believe it.

These opportunities would not have happened without the support from my family, friends, colleagues, supporters, mentors, and loved ones. Each and every one of them I am indebted to and grateful for their love, appreciation, inspiration, and motivation.

I leave 2021 with no expectations for 2022. I am excited to see what 2022 has to offer, and I am ready (after 2 weeks of rest!) to take on the new challenges and growth 2022 will bring.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2022. I wish all of you health and happiness this year. Cover image: Media from Wix #Reflect #Reflection #Reminisce #Reminiscing #Goals #2021 #2022 #NewYear #NewYearResolutions #Appreciation #Teaching #Academics #Doctor #Medicine #Naturopath #NaturopathicDoctor #Naturopathy #RichmondBC

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