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Why I am Interested In Alzheimer's Disease and My Story as a Naturopathic Doctor

I can potentially say I’ve worked with seniors for most of my life. I have spent almost 2 decades working with seniors, starting at senior centres, senior homes and residences, shelter homes, and clinics. I have seen the eye-opening lives of the seniors today, and have high respect for the efforts that they have done to be giving us the lives we live today. ⁣

I currently do a lot of work with seniors in the community on top of being a Naturopathic Doctor. I have been giving health talks to several community centres and public libraries for the seniors and have enjoyed each and every one of them. As they learn more about their health, I learn more about the situation at hand. ⁣

I truly resonate with Alzheimer’s Disease because it is something that people tend to just come to accept, unlike other conditions. Many people say losing their memory is a matter of aging. But you don’t say that when it comes to cancer. People don’t say that cancer is a part of aging. You may suggest other conditions such as hypertension, diabetes. But people would seek treatment for that, unlike those that are developing Alzheimer’s. ⁣

With chronic diseases there is always an underlying factor that defines its chronicity. You can’t just easily find a way to change and reverse the effects that’s been developing for years, maybe decades. These are things that we’ve come to underappreciate and undervalue. They’re the very things that keep us healthy: lifestyle, diet, mentality, community, self-awareness and appreciation. ⁣

My calling as a Naturopathic Doctor came at me when I knew I didn’t want to just give someone something for their ailment and let them be on their way. I believe in the connection between the doctor and patient, and know health is so much more than just a single visit. I want to find out the ‘WHY’ in disease rather than ‘WHAT.’ ⁣

With the previous posts about Alzheimer’s, we have been delving more into why this might be happening. There are more research out there going for why these things happen. You can help me help others by spreading my pages, spread the knowledge and community. ⁣

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