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Cognoscopy: C-Reactive Protein

CRP (C-Reactive Protein) is a test to measure for systemic inflammation in the body. It is non-specific meaning that it doesn’t tell you where the inflammation is at or where it’s coming from. But it gives us a picture of how inflamed your body can be. This test is commonly done in many routine blood tests. 

Inflammation is one of the subtypes of Alzheimer’s Disease, in that if the body is inflamed, there’s reason to know that the brain is inflamed too. When the brain gets inflamed, it can become leaky and foreign objects and pathogens can easily enter the brain. There is even a theory that the brain protects itself from inflammation by producing beta-amyloid plaque, the same hallmark that we define Alzheimer’s Disease with its presence.

Even if we identify how inflamed you are, it doesn’t just mean that we prescribe all the anti-inflammatories, some good ones being curcumin, ginger and frankincense. We also need to look into what is causing you to be inflamed in the first place! This is where we spend a lot of time looking into your health, history, diet and lifestyle!

Wanting to look into inflammation as a contributing factor of dementia? Book a 15-minute Meet and Greet and let’s talk and see how I can help you with your brain health!

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