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What is a Cognoscopy?

Just like how you have a yearly colonoscopy typically starting at age 50 to screen for any polyps, blood or abnormalities in the bowels, don’t you think it would be ideal to have something to screen for your cognition as you age? 

People get to a point where they may be having incidents of memory lapses and think it’s just ‘growing older.’ They then ignore those signs until it gets worse and won’t consider doing anything until it really affects their daily life. That’s usually a sign where what is impeding on the health of the brain has been developing for a decade or two. It is more optimal to identify that something is wrong and change its course before it gets too late!

There are many things that contribute to the health of the brain. In these next posts, I will share with you some of the things I use that helps me screen for cognitive decline. These are tests that your doctors can mostly do, but Naturopathic Doctors can also do as well. I tend to start testing all my patients with dementia and also those who are interested in optimizing their brain health with these tests first and foremost. I will describe why these are important and help you take an active and preventative role in your brain health today!

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